Consultants: Invent. Design. Build.

Ron Lenk and Carol Lenk are consulting inventors and engineers in a variety of fields including LEDs and power supplies, with decades of experience and over 40 issued U.S. patents. We are designers, working in electronics, software, materials and more. We are builders, with decades of hands-on experience building electronics, equipment and a very wide assortment of hardware.We were the co-founders of Switch Light based on a number of our patented inventions, and as featured on the front cover of Wired magazine. And we are the authors of two best-selling books, one on power supplies and one on LED lighting.

We take your idea of what your market needs, invent a way to do it, design it and then build it. Along the way, you may get patents assigned to your company. And in the end, you leapfrog over the competition still stuck with today's ideas.

We consult for both large companies and startups---we offer a special discount rate for suitably qualified startups. We are expert in a variety of fields, and learn new fields and new tools with minimum learning-curve. Whether you need a consultant for a one-off invention, a complete patent portfolio or a new design, let us know. We can help.

5 Reasons You Should Use ReliaBulb

  1. You have an idea what the market will want next, but your engineers don't have the right skill set.
  2. Your lead in the market has eroded. What can you do to get back out ahead?
  3. Your next fund-raising round will see a higher valuation if you could show novel---protectable---technology.
  4. Your new customer wants a custom design, but your engineers are tied up fighting fires.
  5. You're just starting a company, you need four different specialties, and you don't know enough people in the field.


  • LED Drivers and LED Power Supplies
  • AC/DC and DC/DC Switch-Mode Power Supplies
  • 120/240/277VAC
  • PFC and THD reduction
  • LED Dimming
  • Very high frequency switching
  • Battery charging and maintenance
  • EMI, Lightning protection, UL
  • Writing new IC specifications
  • Specialized PCB layout for power, for high-voltage, and for LEDs
  • Thermal management
  • Prototyping
  • Linux, Windows, C, Javascript
  • 3-day quick-turn designs to year-long research projects

Need something invented, designed, built? Contact us.